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Hi, dear Bosnian pyramids and Mysteries of Balkans 2024 tour travellers.

This place offers updated important info for our travellers. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. We would like to be sure, that every traveller is prepared and informed well and feels comfortable and safe.


UPDATED 09/02/2024


If you are dealing with any health conditions, please let us know. Bring your medicines with you if you take some.

May in Europe is the time when everything is in blossom, so if you are sensitive to allergies, please be aware of that. Also, let us know of any other allergies you are aware of. 


As mentioned before, there has been quate a few accommodation adjustments, to meet everyone needs and to keep number of people at one room as low as possible. We made some additional bookings so not all of us will stay in venues we mentioned in the beginning of promotion of the tour. We make sure every venue we booked has something special to offer. 

The majority of rooms are twin or triple. Singe rooms for those who expressed the desire.  

All transfer venues and day trips are organised. In every venue there will be at least one of our crew members, so we will stay connected at all times


Additional accommodation in same village as Jandala, Villa with pool with amazing views over river Danube 

Additional hotel and it’s Villa accommodation, 25min drive from Jandala, lovely Tartarian jam, some say most cute town in Serbia, Sremski Karlovci.

  • RTANJ:

The majority of people will stay In Pension Radgost (we love our gusts in translation), which really is a centre of Rtanj happenings. Lovely and knowable owner is our man! All the special local people, village healers, and people with amazing stories and legends about Rtanj are to be met there. Venue is created for groups as ours, they regularly host different workshops, very aware od different diets…Accommodation here is simple, and the environment is beautiful.

The rest of the group in Ethnic village Stevanovic


We will stay in beautiful Ethnic village, natural materials build  venue as close to beautiful river as you can get. Idea is to spend day/night as close to pristine nature as we can, enjoy privacy of the group and campfire, that means a bit of adjustments on comfort.  Here is what we have available for that night:

    • 8 x Room with terrace: 3 x single bed
    • 3 x Bungalow with terrace: 6 x bunk bed
    • 2 x Double room with balcony: 1 x double bed
    • 1 x Sextuple room: 4 x single bed, 1 x double bed (single occupancy)

If you guys would like a more private accommodation for that night, no worries at all. We will book a room for you in nearby hotel. But if you would like to stay one night in a school camp alike atmosphere, tucked in with fellow travellers, I can promise…it will be a fun and relaxed evening by campfire!  You will wake up to a pristine, green morning by the river and have an amazing breakfast in your room or on venue terrace!

    • 3 apartments in Old town, mostly single and double rooms for couples
    • It is a lovely 5-star venue by the beach, 20 min walk from Old Town or grab a bus right in front of the hotel. Sauna and Spa! Truly Mediterranean environment, pine trees surroundings.  
  • MOSTAR:   
    • Hotel in Old town
    • Wellness hotel with Sauna 800m walk from Old town. Very comfortable venue.

If you have any second thoughts regarding changes, please let us know. I am hoping I am not OCD about this, but I would really like to know everyone is informed on necessary changes well, and that we avoid possible unpleasant surprises or disappointments. 


Slight change in programme, Kristina De Ventus, the dancer will not join us this time. Ka Mai and Dario will cover her programme. They are skilful and experienced free -style dancers and facilitators, can’t wait for movement and sound healing combo.


There was some debate around walking shoes in the WhatsApp group. If your language limitations allow you, it would be great if you bring proper hiking shoes for hike on Rtanj. For our daily walks some sneakers or similar comfy shoes will do.


We are considering the option to walk on Rtanj in early morning (2.00am departure) and catch sunrise on the top of Pyramid.  Thay say it’s most amazing experience not to be missed. We will have experienced local guides available, safety first. We will do it in March, will let you know of experience. Let us know in WhatsApp group what do you think?

For me everything we will do and visit on tour has energetics meaning behind it. Sunrise for me represents new beginnings, new circle. And we are doing it on such a potent energy spot as Rtanj. I did it on Maunt Sinay in Egypt. Experience to remember, especially 5euros toilet use charge on our way to the top. Cheeky, those Egyptians and Bedouins…hehe…

We apologize for all changes, we learned they are necessary part of programme like this. Again, if any concerns, please contact Tara:

UPDATED: 14/01/2024

  1. As reminded by Michelle, it is warmly recommended to bring tracking poles for uphill pyramids explorations. Also, another remainder, comfortable, stable hiking shoes, warm clothes for hiking, warm jacket and warm cover for your head. It can get fresh and windy up there.
  1.  Laundry. Our trip is not short, so maybe you will need to wash your clothes. Washing machine is available in all apartments in Dubrovnik. In Mostar and Visoko  are laundry drop off services available. Some of our hotels are offering laundry services too. 
  1. Money exchange. There are 4 different currencies used in 4 different countries:
    1. Serbia: Serbian dinar (RSD), preferred payment currency Euro and US dollars
    2. Montenegro: Euro
    3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia – Herzegovina Convertible Marka (BAM), preferred currency Euro and US dollar.
    4. Croatia: Euro

 I would say the easiest way would be to operate with Euros. You can change your money in Banks, Exchange shops, Post offices, Cash machines or if you want to get yourself in trouble and lost some money, with local street exchange guy.

British pounds are welcome too. Sorry, Aussies, looks like they are not excited about our Dollar almighty, but we will have no trouble to exchange the currency.

Traveling card is warmly recommended  to avoid transaction fees. They may be up to 3.5% depending on the bank.

UPDATED: 13/01/2024


  1. Our main source of communication on the trip will be WhatsApp group. If you haven’t already, please send me your phone number with your country code, so we can add you.
  1. We have private Facebook group, you received details in initial pdf. If link does not work, please let me know. We will send you another option to find a page.
Booking flights:


We start our journey in Serbia, so you need to be at Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport in the morning or early afternoon on 5th of May 2024. We will wait for you on airport and take you to our first destination. We will meet at your arrival gate, so please sent us details of your flight: arrival time and flight number. In case we miss you or your flight will be late, we will have an assembly point at airport coffee shop (will let you know the name of the place on time).

In case, you cannot find or see us, I will provide my Serbian phone number, so you can ask staff on airport to ring me if your phone will be not operational.

Some of you will arrive to Belgrade few days before which truly is a good idea. Belgrade is interesting, vibrant, Tartarian city, so lots to see. Great food and lovely people! We will pick you at your hotel destinations, so let us know where you are staying.


You have two options:

  • Departure from Sarajevo airport on 22nd of May, transport from our last destination, Bosnian pyramids, is available. We will be at Sarajevo airport 10.00am the latest, adjust your flight booking accordingly.
  • Departure from Belgrade airport, 22nd of May, transport is organised.  This return two-ways flight booking may be cheaper. In case you take this option, please book evening, night or next day departure flight as we will be in Belgrade around 2 to 3pm.

As we explain on the website, we mostly booked smaller, warm, intimate and friendly family business type estates, B&B, apartments and hotels. That means there are not many single rooms available. If you have any preferences regarding that, please let us know, we will find a solution. Additional costs will apply for single rooms.

Also let us know, if you are couple or you travel with group of friends and you prefer to stay with them.

In Jandala, our first stop, 3 lovely 2 beds glamping tents are available. Let us know if you would like to sleep under the stars and listening the night song of river Danube.

In Visoko, Bosnian pyramids, we will stay in Hotel Pyramid of Sun, which truly is a Tartarian, old monastery gem with mud flood windows! Some night, pyjama party style exploring expeditions into basement are possible!

We do not have many couples booked in up to now, so we had to do some accommodation adjustments, to get in more single beds. We will update our website with new info, also will send an additional pdf on choice of accommodation that we avoid confusion, misinformation or possible disappointment.

For instance, on our first destination, Jandala Estate some of us will stay in nearby (20 min drive) lovely town called Sremski Karlovci. Some say it’s most beautiful town in Serbia and it’s as Tartarian as you can get:


Travel insurance:

We will travel to 4 counties: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I warmly recommend travel insurance. 

Here in Australia my age group insurance that includes medical, luggage, trip cancelation expenses due to travel ban in area, trip disruption expenses costs 200-300 AUD. That covers all 4 counties we travel in. Comprehensive policy covers up to 25.000 AUD.

There was some discussion in our Fb group, people recommended this insurance company:


We will obtain some group insurance like public liability here in Australia.


Food in area is very good quality. There are different options available, gf, vegan, vegetarian…If you love meat, you will be in heaven.

 Some places that we stay in offer lunch/dinner buffets. On other occasions we will eat in lovely local restaurants. Cost of good lunch/dinner is between 10 to 20 Euros. Lots of great street food available. If your diet allows you, you should definitely try burek&yogurt combo and famous Sarajevo cevapcici served in shops in Old town.

Political situation in area: 

Countries we travel in are safe. Balkans, as you know, can be restless, we are passionate people. At the moment political situation is stable, we monitor it closely.

 As you all know, world is changing fast these days, we all experienced Rona and traveling restrictions around it.  I truly believe, our travel plans are safe, but in case we have to cancel due to circumstances out of our control, please obtain travel cancelation insurance. Trust the god, but tie your camel, as they wisely say…

Refunds policy is explained on our website.

Is sim card for our phones available for all 4 countries?

You can buy sim card in Serbia and it will also work in Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina. No rooming needed. For Croatia you can buy additional temporary sim card.

 List of clothes and items we will need:

May is mid spring in Europe. Weather is warm, but surprises are possible. Average daily temperature would be 17 – 25  degree Celsius. I recommend light clothes but also some warm and comfortable pants, jumpers and definitely a warm jacket. We will hike on mountain Rtanj and top of pyramids in Bosnia, it can get a bit windy there. Do not forget comfy walking shoes and backpack for hikes. Yoga mat and blanket for sound healings and other activities are good idea. If you are used to hot weather like me, some warm pyjamas will do. 

Rain also is possible, so please bring one pair of shoes that will keep you dry. Maybe rein coat if you wish.

Payment plans:

As offered on our website, payment plans are available. You received link for payments in initial pdf sent via email.

Things to see in Belgrade:

Some of you will arrive to Belgrade earlier, which I believe is really a good idea. City is Tartarian, great food and lovely people. Here are some interesting things to see: 

  • Tesla museum: 


  • Churches and cathedrals:


  • Vinca culture museum:


  • Knez Mihajlova street and whole Old city, some amazing buildings:


And much more…

Drinking water: 

 Quality of water varies at different places, so we recommend bottled water, except if venue have filtrated, clean water. In our bus there will always be a stock of water in case you run out in remote areas. At some places we will chase natural springs and fill our bottles there.


Please be prepared for hike to mountain Rtanj. It can be a bit challenging uphill walk, it takes aprox 3/4 hr to get on the top of pyramidal mountain Rtanj. If you prefer to skip this, there will be a member of our crew staying with you and some other activities will be arranged or you can do your own thing. Lots to see and do! Warm hiking clothes, please and good walking shoes.

 Questions. Please, do not hesitate to ask any question you have! This will help us a lot so that we will be sure that we  truly covered all important info  and make this trip smooth, safe and pleasant for everyone. If you do not get sufficient answer or I overlook it, I would appreciate if you remind me again. Also, if there is anything in this whole process that you are not happy with or you think we could do better, please let us know! 

Travel adapter plug: 

Power sockets are different in Europe, so you need European travel adapter plug to charge your phone or other devices. We recommend you to buy one before traveling so we can avoid spending time in shopping centres. In Australia is very cheap. you can buy it for 5 bucks.

Please, make sure that your passport is valid. If you are from EU, Australia or US you do not need visas for countries we will visit.

Questions. Please, do not hesitate to ask any question you have! This will help us a lot so we will be sure that we truly covered all important info and make this trip smooth, safe and pleasant for everyone. If you do not get sufficient answer or I overlook it, I would appreciate if you remind me again. Also, if there is anything in this whole process that you are not happy with or you think we could do better, please let us know!