Old Worlds tours


05.05. – 22.05.2024
17 Days/16 Nights


Days 1 – 2

After landing in Belgrade, Serbia, on May 5th, you will be picked and transferred to the beautiful Jandala Estate, which overlooks the river Danube, the second largest river in Europe and to our second venue in, some say, cutest town in Serbia, Sremski Karlovci.
The first two days will be spent at Jandala with plenty of time to connect with the group, including Kelly and Cambell, make new friends and soak in the estate’s natural beauty. 
Jandala Estate is a magical space built by artists from natural materials, including Kiki Klimt, who left her creative signature on the estate through her art which is all over the estate and also designing some of the buildings. Its creator travelled the world to learn ancient building techniques from the masters. He then brought this knowledge back and, with his son, built this beautiful retreat.
Jandala estate

“I designed and built the estate in collaboration with numerous artists, among whom I would like to highlight the painter Prof. Kiki Klimt.
In the beginning, the estate was my training ground, where I learned and developed my knowledge, and over time it acquired its current purpose. The property was built slowly, over fifteen years, and that is why it is different and unique.
Everything is made of natural materials and built by hand. Although I built everything in a traditional way with different craftsmen, the architecture was not based on the popular ethnic villages throughout Serbia.
The estate plan is not final yet, every day something changes – we are growing every day.” 
– Owner Nikola Živanović, graduate interior designer

Late afternoon and evening of our 2nd day we will explore Sremski Karlovci and will have a dinner in local restaurant. Our first emersion into World of Tartaria.

Our second venue Premier President Hotel, Sremski Karlovci, our first dip into Old world:

Sremski karlovci

DAY 3: 

Trip to Novi Sad and Perovardin star fortress. Can’t wait to see Cambell shine here:

Petrovaradin fortress

Days 4 – 6

On our way to the Rtanj pyramid, we will visit Belgrade, fortress Kalemegdan and Golubac fortress with Cambell, Kelly and the crew. Both of these forts are amazing Old World castles and you will have the chance to explore them with your fellow ‘Tartarian Hunters’.

We will arrive to our next two venues, Etno estate and Radgost, highly ranked place among visitors and explorers of Rtanj. This is where stuff are happening, where knowledge can be exchanged, this is the place to meet interesting people.

During next 3 days we will be exploring Rtanj pyramid under the guidance of local researcher of Rtanj Sasa Nadfeji. Sasa is member of dr. Sam research team. He is deeply connected to Rtanj and holds extensive knowledge on topic.

On day 2 he will take us on the top of Rtanj. On day 3 we will visit town Sokobanja known by it’s healing hot springs. From Sokobanja Rtanj pyramid shape can be seen in it’s all splendour:

Rtanj forest

Day 7

We spend the day at Tara National Park, also known as Serbia’s ‘Green Gem’.

Tara Park is alive with abundant native flora and fauna, an array of amazing lakes and even has Old World ‘religious buildings’ including a 13th-century monastery. Next, we will hit the town of Visegrad, an ancient castle town situated on the banks of the Drina River. Famous for its amazing bridge and old-world charm, you will be able to browse the local shops where things are still crafted by hand, explore the old-world city or grab a coffee in a traditional shop where service is still a priority.


Day 8

Travel to Montenegro

We will travel to our next accommodation in Montenegro, situated on the banks of the River Tara. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural landscape, you will be free to explore the clean, turquoise waters of the river Tara, wander in nature or just relax with some good conversation. There will also be the opportunity to raft down the river and experience the true beauty of Montenegro and the river Tara.

Come night time, we will gather around the campfire to share experiences and stories, and Ka Mai will sing for us. Ka Mai has had extensive training and developed her unique connection with the land over many years and will share this with us in a not to be missed experience of singing, energy and connectedness.

There will be plenty of time to chat with Kelly, Cambell and the staff, deepen friendships with your newly found besties or just relax and soak up the good vibes.

Old worlds tour, Jandala Estate

Days 9 – 10

Today we transfer to  Dubrovnik.

On the way to Dubrovnik, we will Stop in at the Monastery Ostrog, a 17th-century monastery built into the side of a cliff and the third most visited sacred site on earth. We will also travel to the town of Trebinje to explore and take in the old world ambience and architecture. Once in Dubrovnik, we will head out to explore the amazing Fort Lovrijenac, or St. Lawrence Fortress, which is claimed to be over a thousand years old and was the setting of the Lanister’s castle in Game of Thrones.

We will also have time to wander around the ancient walled city of old Dubrovnik, an ancient city filled with old world Tartarian buildings and infrastructure, where your senses will be awakened to the wonders of the old world. We will again have our guide Kiki pointing out the use and function of sacred geometry in the old world architecture. Night time will be more inspiring conversations, storytelling and more singing from Ka Mai.

Old Dubrovnik map

Days 11 -12

Transfer to the ancient city of Mostar

Mostar is another old world walled city filled with beautiful tartarian architecture, domes, towers and the famous Stari Most bridge. Visiting unique locations recommended by Kiki and Sam Osmanagich, we will delve deeper into his story’s deception and the veil pulled over our eyes. Lastly, We will be introduced to another amazing plant called ‘Smilj’, which has antibacterial and healing properties.

Mostar bazar

  Day 13 – 17

The Bosnian Pyramids.

We saved the best for the last, five days of exploring the largest pyramid on earth, the Bosnian Pyramid. Here we will meet Dr Sam Osmanagich and his team and be given a full tour of the pyramid, including access to the tunnel systems and many other areas. You will learn about the pyramid’s construction, dating, healing properties and other forms of energy put out by this amazing structure. This really will be five days that will change your perspective on the world of today, the past and who and what we are.

We will also visit Sarajevo and ancient Stone Spheres, where Ka Mai will talk to us about what the spheres are and what they were used for and she will sing the stone’s story for us. The evenings will be filled with sound healing, sacred geometry and great conversation.

Stone spheres and Ka Mai

Detailed Bosnian pyramids programme:

DAY 13:

Programme after breakfast:

  • Belvedere, view of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, introduction to the discovery, photo opt.
  • Visit to the archaeological dig at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, experience oldest concrete on the Planet, five aspects of discovery, archaeological, scientific, energy, spiritual and healing;
  • Visit to Foundation’s Museum and prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne
  • Lunch at the park Ravne 2 – prepared by local community, fresh home-made food from gardens
  • Tour through the Park with Dr. Sam; meditation and presentation of the installations in the Park Ravne 2
  • Free evening

Day 14:

  • After Breakfast pick up from the Monastery and trip to the Tumulus in Vratnica
  • Presentation and meditation at the top of the structure
  • Lunch at the Park Ravne 2
  • Tour and meditation in the tunnels Ravne 3
  • Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, visit to the archaeological trenches
  • Rest and Sacred geometry with Kiki in the afternoon
  • Free evening

DAY 15:

  • After breakfast tour to Sarajevo Old Town – city tour
  • Lunch in one of the old restaurants with traditional Bosnian food
  • Free time for shopping and coffee
  • Drive back to Visoko
  • Free evening

Day 16:

  • After breakfast trip to Zavidovici town
  • Visit to the ‘Archaeological park: Bosnian Stone Balls’ presentation with meditation and exploration, Sound healing with Dario&Ka Mai
  • Lunch prepared by local community, fresh home-made food from gardens, Organic
  • Visit to the medieval castle of Vranduk; coffee with the view on river Bosna valley
  • Trip back to Visoko; Underground Labyrinth Ravne (Healing Chambers) for Meditation
  • Our last evening, group sharing of impressions, farewell evening and celebrations with good food in local restaurant. 

On day 17

Today, we transfer back to Sarajevo. It’s now time for lots of hugs with your new friends, swapping contacts and talking about the life-changing 17 days you just experienced.

For those who will book their two-ways return flight from Belgrade bus transfer available. 

Some slight changes in day-to-day programme are possible, depends on time frames, dynamics and needs and desires of group.

We will see you all off safely, and we hope we all meet again soon.

Stay Awesome

Cambell, Kelly and Tara

05.05. – 22.05.2024
17 days/16 nights