Thank you so much for purchasing your ticket with Old Worlds Tours to experience Tartaria, Star Forts and the Bosnian Pyramid….we just have one question, are you ready?

This will truly be a trip that will change your life, and we are so happy to have you aboard.


A few things to remember to organise

1. Your plane ticket. This trip is a complete package. Once we pick you up, all your food, accommodation transfers and classes are included. You just need to get yourself to Belgrade, Serbia, on May the 5th and home on the 22nd.

2. It’s a good idea to have travel insurance just in case. We are fully insured, but protecting yourself against any loss or injury is a good idea.

3. Make sure you get your visa sorted; these can be done quickly and cheaply online.

4. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime; bring your smile, energy and curiosity as we explore Tartaria together.

Cambell, Kelly and Tara

Stay Awesome