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about us

Dijana Tara Sever

From early age she questioned the nature or reality we live in. She was born in former Yugoslavia and never understood why people have to go to work every day. In her late twenties she started to walk the path of self-discovery. She moved to Australia and lives gypsy, road trip lifestyle.

For many years she is exploring Earth grid, old architecture, mythology, human psyche…

She enjoys snorkelling at colourful Australian Ningaloo reef, exploring Australian landscapes, pyramid shaped hills, megaliths and monoliths, national parks…

She visited Bosnian pyramids at the very beginning of the story, almost 20 years ago. 

She enjoys Auto didactic and Tartaria Australia shows and podcasts. 

With great love for Balkans and our real story she co- created this tour and she hope to see you there!

Cambell Purvis

is a creator, speaker and searcher and runs the Autodidactic YouTube channel. He has participated in online events, been a speaker at multiple live shows and has been interviewed more than 20 times. A lifelong searcher for the truth, he has been researching ancient history and most other rabbit holes for around 30 years. In late 2019 he started his channel on YouTube based on his research around Tartaria, Star Forts and the Mud Flood.

Cambell now covers topics including frequency, free energy, health, His-story, Theosophy and asking better questions, with a vision of building a better world for all. Cambell is committed to educating and inspiring others so that together we can all create the new reality we all want to be a part of.

  Emmanuel Manu

felt from his early age that something “strange “is going on in this world. 
Based on his metaphysical experiences from early childhood,  he developed a strong suspicion that our depicted reality probably doesn’t portray an honest and truthful picture of the state of the world that we live in. 
Something was fishy and he could smell the rat.
His spirit urge him to pursue the truth,  so he decided to take the red pill long ago.
He read tons of books and do research about our tempered and influenced history, ancient civilizations, mythology, archaeology, quantum physics, religion,  astronomy, mysticism, shamanism and particularly metaphysics. 
He is very keen to better understand the amazing properties of the human mind  and life in general. 
It’s almost bizarre and a little embarrassing but he just need  to KNOW.
He like scientific approach and independent critical thinking and because of all knowledge and experience that he acquired in 40 years of research, he develop a  little more grumpiness than usual ( or maybe was always there in him, somewhere.. probably… ).
His long time life partner Tara can certainly attest to that.
His LOVE for adventure, Cassiopaeans, native American Indians, tobacco and smoking, martial arts, scuba diving, music, photography, animals and nature, helps him keep this “newly” acquired feelings in line and, to some degree, agreeable terms.
Anyway, he consciously chose the light side.
05.05. – 22.05.2024
17 days/16 nights