Old Worlds


05.05.2024 – 22.05.2024

about us

Dijana Tara Sever

From early age she questioned the nature or reality we live in. She was born in former Yugoslavia and never understood why people have to go to work every day. In her late twenties she started to walk the path of self-discovery. She moved to Australia and lives gypsy, road trip lifestyle.

For many years she is exploring Earth grid, old architecture, mythology, human psyche…

She enjoys snorkelling at colourful Australian Ningaloo reef, exploring Australian landscapes, pyramid shaped hills, megaliths and monoliths, national parks…

She visited Bosnian pyramids at the very beginning of the story, almost 20 years ago. 

She enjoys Auto didactic and Tartaria Australia shows and podcasts. 

With great love for Balkans and our real story she co- created this tour and she hope to see you there!

Cambell Purvis

is a creator, speaker and searcher and runs the Autodidactic YouTube channel. He has participated in online events, been a speaker at multiple live shows and has been interviewed more than 20 times. A lifelong searcher for the truth, he has been researching ancient history and most other rabbit holes for around 30 years. In late 2019 he started his channel on YouTube based on his research around Tartaria, Star Forts and the Mud Flood.

Cambell now covers topics including frequency, free energy, health, His-story, Theosophy and asking better questions, with a vision of building a better world for all. Cambell is committed to educating and inspiring others so that together we can all create the new reality we all want to be a part of.

Kelly Jones

is a Co-presenter on stage at our LIVE Events and Podcaster on Tartaria Australia. Kelly has an eclectic set of interests that entwines farming with Tartarian Consciousness and a creativity she terms The Nature Of Nonsense. She is a big advocator of the imagination and often thinks very heady thoughts about the ways of the Llamacorns.

She is a good thinker and enjoys smoking her pipe around the campfire whilst chewing on such things as to why did everybody shrink and what would happen if we partnered blueberries with ducks and is space the ocean and whats with the Octopus and is calamari real and are shooting stars like light submarines? Anyway she is funny on stage and swears.

  Emmanuel Manu

felt from his early age that something “strange “is going on in this world. 
Based on his metaphysical experiences from early childhood,  he developed a strong suspicion that our depicted reality probably doesn’t portray an honest and truthful picture of the state of the world that we live in. 
Something was fishy and he could smell the rat.
His spirit urge him to pursue the truth,  so he decided to take the red pill long ago.
He read tons of books and do research about our tempered and influenced history, ancient civilization, mythology, archaeology, quantum physics, religion,  astronomy, mysticism, shamanism and particularly metaphysics. 
He is very keen to better understand the amazing properties of the human mind  and life in general. 
It’s almost bizarre and a little embarrassing but he just need  to KNOW.
He like scientific approach and independent critical thinking and because of all knowledge and experience that he acquired in 40 years of research, he was awarded by his ancestors and spirit guides with a new super power – GRUMPINESS ( or maybe was always there in him, somewhere.. probably… ).
His long time life partner Tara can certainly attest to that.
His LOVE for adventure, Cassiopaeans, native American Indians, tobacco and smoking, martial arts, scuba diving, music, photography, animals and nature, helps him keep this newly acquired super power in line and, to some degree, agreeable terms. 
But only just…

Kamai and Dario

Our common love is dancing, movement, sound, diving into the depths of our own Being, and liberating ourselves from all the old limiting programs. Both have been conducting various workshops and individual therapies for many years. With our knowledge and experiences, we support people in the transformation of the old and in the transition to a new dimension of living. Together we create events: Dance of Whole, Sound Baths with Singing in Light Language and Journeys of Internal Transformation to the Bosnian Pyramids. We take people on these trips because we feel a deep connection with these places. Every time we see again and again how powerful transformations people experience there. We believe that these sacred places carry the seeds for the birth of the New Civilization and the New Man.

Kamai: I perform therapeutic massages in which, in addition to touch, I also use sound and light language treatments. With intuitive painting, I create energy images intended for a specific person for therapeutic purposes. Through geomantie, I explore landscapes and ancient sanctuaries.

Dario: I perform and teach energy-motion breathing techniques such as Carlos Castaneda magic gestures, recapitulation, rebirthing, osho techniques, zen, tai chi, qi gong, kung fu techniques… I participate in the organization of men’s healing circles aimed at the personal growth of men and the cultivation of male energy.

Kiki Klimt

is a researcher of life.  She moves mostly within art, but she often wonders in search of understanding – from mythology, ancient spiritual writings, modern physics and chemistry to cosmology, mathematics, history and philosophy. 

She graduated from painting in 1997, finished her master degree in sculpture, and in 2009 got a doctorate in art. She was a guest professor at universities in Istanbul, Sofia and Lisbon. Today she is pro-dean at Arthouse College for Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana. Her works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc.

She experimented on conceptual art, photography, performance, installation, illustration, and design. For the last nine years, she returned to the tradition of painting and has been developing a unique way of painting based on ancient knowledge, contemporary science, and her own study and experience.  “Painting with light“ combines the physical, emotional, and rational aspects of painting. Her art is based on ancient knowledge of numbers, geometry and colors.


Michelle Gibson

She is convinced that if we knew the true history, there would be no mysteries in history. She was first fascinated by megaliths, and her life’s journey has led her to uncovering an important key to the truth about the ancient advanced civilization that built the Earth’s infrastructure, from ancient to modern, and cataclysmic events which destroyed this civilization, and ushered in their New World by those behind what has taken place here, for the purposes of power and control. She found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities and extended the lines out. Then she wrote down the cities that lined up primarily in circular and linear fashion and got an amazing tour of the world of places she had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. For her, this entire process brought up much information about the original world-wide Moorish civilization in her in-depth research of cities and places in alignment all over the world.